The first spark

One day while sitting in my lap and playing with my jewelry, my sweet 4-year old daughter asked, “Mommy, what if your earrings could talk to you?”

“That would be amazing,” I said. “What do you think they’d say?”

“I don’t know,” she giggled, “but it sure would be easy to hear them so close to your ears!”

From this moment on, we imagined how fun and exciting it would be to have earrings that talked to us.



Encouraged by a mermaid

Years later, our fantasy earrings appeared on a movie screen. The mermaid in Aquamarine had live, tiny, talking starfish suctioned to each ear. They looked like beautiful earrings, and Aquamarine told us, “They compliment me.”

The starfish squealed compliments like, “Aquamarine is so fabulous!!” and “She’s beautiful and smart and funny and everyone loves her!!”

My daughter exclaimed, “Aquamarine is wearing our earrings! And that’s what they should say – compliments and things to make us happy!



Words to be remembered

Like many others, I have been known to put off my happiness until reaching the elusive goal of “everything is perfect.” One day during a yoga class, I heard the words: “You are responsible for your own happiness.” The message resonated with my heart. It is not the world’s responsibility to make me happy. It is up to me, my own choices and my own thoughts determine my attitude because happiness comes from within.  With this insight, my world began to change. 

That afternoon, while driving my kids home from school, I had an announcement to make. I declared that — "we all are responsible for our own happiness!"  And further, “You kids are off the hook for my happiness.” 

There was a collective sigh of relief, then a pause in disbelief, “Are you sure, you are not just saying that? Will you remember this tomorrow?” they teased me.

I said, “Yes, you can hold me to it … but now that I’ve said it, you’re right, I need a way to remember when the going gets tough.”

One of the kids piped up, “Mom, you need those talking earrings to remind you!”

A light bulb when on in my head — the talking earrings could send me reminders.  That’s exactly what I needed.  I told the kids, “We could create them…actual earrings that talk, to send reminders of what we REALLY need to hear.  We could put tiny electronics into an earring and program it to play messages.” 

My kids exclaimed a resounding yes, ”You’ve got to do it Mom. Do it for us. Do it for the world!”



It started with a whisper

The Aquamarine “starfish earrings" are lovely, and of course, there’s appeal to having a mythical talking starfish who knows your best qualities and shouts them out for the world to hear. But in real life, I want my earrings to be personal, to be more subtle. I want them to whisper the messages I need ... just for me to hear.

I laughed out loud when the name came to me — they’re earrings, they whisper, they’re whispearrings!

The next best thing to having magical talking starfish was born — electronically whispering earrings that could support my desire for encouragement and self-improvement, and be beautiful.

I combed the Internet to see if someone had created such a thing ... with all the electronic devices out there, surely this would be among them? Yet nothing like it existed. Jack Canfield once said, “If you cannot find the book you want to read, perhaps it is the book you are to write.”  A little voice inside my head whispered over and over, “create them.



A simple message makes a huge difference

As my daughter got older, she found more value and the need for her to wear talking earrings when she found a quote that struck a chord with her.  She says it best:

“Have courage and be kind” is what I tell myself every morning when I wake up. This Cinderella quote is my mantra to push me through hard times, to boost me during good times, and to set my thoughts on a positive path every day. To ingrain this quote in my thinking, I wrote and rewrote it, scribbled it on sticky notes and put them all over my room, all the while, wishing for those fun talking earrings my mom and I dreamed about. I knew these earrings could help me train my brain to remember what I needed, intentionally creating new pathways in my brain for positivity.

My daughter and I thought of many applications for these earrings, most importantly those with inspirational, motivational, loving, uplifting, funny, and/or encouraging messages. In high school, as my daughter saw herself and her classmates struggle with insecurity, we saw that everyone could benefit from whispered reminders of the beauty of our true selves. With whispearrings we hope to change the way the world thinks, by training brains to internalize a more positive perspective.



Now a mother-daughter mission

Each of us needs to be reminded to be happy, to look for the good in life and other people, to be present, to breathe and to connect. Life gets busy, and we must work to avoid defaulting to auto-pilot thinking. If we remember the things that inspire us, our daily life can be more meaningful. Our inspiration for whispearrings is to empower people to be who they really want to be by whispering self-chosen messages of hope, help, love and support.

Our intention is for the whispearrings platform to become a repository of wisdom, inspiration, love, motivation and humor that we all can use to enlighten our thoughts, lighten our lives, and make our world a more positive place. We trust you will find these benefits, as well as others that are dear to your heart — that you will find your own reasons for wanting words whispered to you … and we hope you love the idea of whispearrings as much as we do.


— Shelly and Tessa

Tessa (daughter) and Shelly (mother) whispearrings co-founders

Tessa (daughter) and Shelly (mother) whispearrings co-founders