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earrings that whisper

...wishing that I could have my best self whisper in my ear

Whispearrings allow you to listen to your best self as you work, play and love through each day.

What’s closer to your ears than your earrings?!  We at whispearrings re-imagined the earring, using technology to create earrings with an added purpose and personal value. A tool to whisper the very messages we need throughout the day. No longer just an accessory for beauty, but a tool to enhance our inner beauty as well.

“Once I understood that the care and nurturing of my happiness is my responsibility, I realized that I needed help to train my brain to choose the positive throughout my day, and to keep me focused on the feelings and actions that keep me moving toward my goals. However, great thoughts are all too easy to forget during the bustle of a busy day. I found myself wishing that I could have my best self whisper in my ear to gently remind me of person I really want to be.”

 —Shelly, co-founder of whispearrings



Our Mission

We imagine a world where women wake up and decide to empower their day by programming their earrings to deliver their best thoughts. Thoughts that direct the course of their day, so that they hear what they need to hear, to remind them to become who they want to become. Whispearrings will help women become more optimistic, more loving, and have better, more mindful and fulfilling days.

We are a positive force for women (and many men).

We offer whispearrings as a tool:
• to bring mindfulness.
• to support living an inspired life.
• to gently keep you on the path you choose each day.
• to whisper the information you need to bridge the gap between your intentions and your everyday actions.



Our Vision

Our vision is to get the whole world “whispearring” by listening to affirming messages that empower our present moment. We want to change the way the world experiences earrings we added value so that they are no longer just for accessorizing our beauty but accessorizing our minds to enhance our inner beauty as well.


Learn more about the inspiration and evolution of the idea.


Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see, it is just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly:

"You got this. Keep going."

-- unknown